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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Your Tax Dollar at Work!

If I made a list of "things to spend my money on" and I included on that list every single possible thing in the entire universe in descending order, it would begin with things I need to buy like clothing and a place to live and pizza. Next would come things I don't need but really like, such as TVs and cars, followed by donations to certain charitable causes. Then would come things I hate paying for but have to, like parking, followed by things I wouldn't ever want to pay for like drugs and sex and finally things that would really suck if I had to pay for them like a lobotomy or a sharp stick to be jammed in my eye. If I had to make a list like this, the absolute last thing I would want to pay for would be to have followers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon promote family values and traditional marriage.

But Bush and company think they can spend my money better than I can. My tax dollar at work. I guess this shouldn't surprise me. This faith based initiative crap has been going on for years and the Moonies aren't really any different than any other faith in my eyes. What's the difference between a religion and a cult? About 200 years. And that's about it. But what's strange about this is that Rev. Moon doesn't really stand for "traditional marriage."

The 85-year-old Korean is perhaps best known for presiding over mass marriage ceremonies for devotees whose unions are arranged by Moon or other church leaders. After marriage, Unification Church couples are given detailed instructions for their honeymoon, right down to the sexual positions they are supposed to assume during their first three conjugal couplings.

It's not much crazier than the President's beliefs but it seems to fly in the face of them.

For more on this check out Ed Brayton. As usual, he says what I'm thinking and he says it just about perfectly. He concludes his analysis like this:

Now mind you, most people would probably view the idea of hiring people who believe in mass marriages arranged by a fascist cult leader who claims that all the world's dead religious leaders endorsed him as the messiah in a ceremony in the "spirit world" to teach us about healthy marriage as being akin to hiring the criminally insane to teach in a law school. But what the hell, as long as we're going for "faith-based initiatives", it becomes hard to distinguish between competing faiths. Someone needs to tell them that Al Qaeda is a faith-based initiative too.

And all I can do is watch from the sidelines.


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