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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Best of the Web

Tim Russert's white board not doing it for you? For updates on the web don't miss:

Drudge - Sure he makes stuff up, but every so often he's right!

Instapundit - Glenn still has Ann, Michael and Megan co-blogging. Good stuff all around.

Josh Marshall - His fingers will probably fall off at some point tonight.

Stephen Green - who will not be drunk for once.

The Volokh Conspirators - for all the best legal analysis.

Ana Marie Cox - Because she'll make smutty sexual innuendos all night long.

Ann Althouse - Because she keeps the best stuff for her own blog (like Quentin Tarantino).

Dan Drezner - Because he always gives sage advice.

Andrew Sullivan - Because this election may cause his head to explode.

The New Republic Election Blog - Because they're all over the nation and have access to good information.

And these guys will all lead you to new and better places as well. If I have time I'll be updating here too. Make sure and check in.

Note: As I write this, Instapundit and Vodkapundit, who are on the same server, are inaccessible due to too much traffic. Do you have any idea how much traffic it must take to crash Instapundit?

Update: If Instapundit should go down, you can reach Glenn's backup site here.


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