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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


In an effort to move nearer to the top of all alphabetically ordered blogrolls, Prof. Gordon Smith has joined forces with Marquette University Law Prof. Christine Hurt, (who joined the faculty after I graduated, so I'm not familiar with her) to create Conglomerate which will replace Veturpreneur. Their first post on the Sears-K-mart merger is quite interesting.

I look foreword to Prof. Hurt's contributions, and, of course, more about cheese from Prof. Smith.

A quick technical note

On Monday I got into the office and my computer was full of spyware. I don't know when this happened, as it was fine on Friday, but it did. I finally think I've got it under control. A pox on the person who invented spyware. It made me want to read up on my cyberspace law just to find a cause of action to use against them. (Of course, finding a cause of action to use against spyware providers is an easier task than actually locating the offending party.) Alas.


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