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Monday, November 29, 2004

From the (Legal) Underground

Evan Schaeffer is spearheading a campaign to help out the Anonymous Lawyer. The AL's site is quite popular and he would like to pursue a book deal based on his writings. Unfortunately, as he is anonymous and keeps up a certain character on his blog, he is reluctant to break character in order to pursue publishing contacts, etc. Evan, being the savvy attorney/blogger that he is, offered up his site as a launching pad for the AL's project, and humbly requests (read: demands) that those in the know spread the word. I am nothing if not a shameless shill for bloggers who would like book deals, as I happen to be one, and nothing would please me more than particpating in the initiation of a trendy lawyer/blogger book fad and subsequently cashing in on said trend. So if you're a law student/lawyer and you have a blog or know of a publishing contact, spread the word (especially if you read Anonymous Lawyer on a regular basis).


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