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Monday, November 22, 2004

I Like girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch

But Abercrombie prefers white guys. A&F settled a class-action lawsuit for discrimination in it's hiring and promoting practice. They agreed to pay $40 million to minority employees and applicants named in the suit. I've been paying some attention to this story ever since I saw a 60 Minutes expose about the case last year. 60 Minutes interviewed several minorities that had been fired, given jobs folding cloths where customers could not see them, or not hired at all allegedly because they didn't look "all-American" enough. They also interviewed several preppie sorority type white kids that had been repeatedly offered jobs while shopping at Abercrombie.

Based on personal experience I have to admit that there is probably something to this. I wear polo shirts almost every day and have spikey hair and I'm basically a preppie looking white guy and I've been offered a job three of the last four times I've been to an Abercrombie store. The first time I was even offered a Manager position because I had the look but also looked, to the person offering me the job, "old enough to have a degree." It does seem very strange since I'm sure they have a stack of applications in the back. However, I can't imagine a lawsuit against FUBU going anywhere and they actually come out and say who they want to sell and buy their cloths. Of course I have no idea what would happen if I applied for a job there. It might make for a fun experiment.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:49 PM  

  • I was recently shopping @ an A&F in my hometown. (Nyc). When i went there, i dunno, not sure as to what happened. It seemed, "normal", aside from the fact that it was crowded and loud and sounded like an east village night club, it was cool. As i strolled around, I did notice a few minorities working there, One with his natural hair (which was pleasing to see.) One girl though who was a minority did seem to have straight hair, but i didnt really care. A&F should re-think the defintion of all american. Not saying that they shouldnt be allowed to hire white applicants anymore, they should hire people based on qualifications and personality, white, black, green or orange. :)

    *P.S. I'm a minority.

    By Anonymous Emprice, at 3:39 PM  

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