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Monday, November 15, 2004

I used to be sad...

now I'm kind of frightened. The University of Chicago held a concert featuring Ryan Adams on Saturday night (only fifteen bucks), and I can say without hyperbole that Ryan Adams is the most messed up guy out there. I mean, even Scott Weiland can get through a whole set, and he's on heroin most of the time.

What made this concert truly frustrating is that when the guy played he sounded pretty good. However, between every song he would talk about nonsense for at least five minutes. It was even a little amusing at first. He made fun of Toby Keith, told a few silly school-related jokes, not bad concert chatter. But he kept repeating it over and over and got weirder and weirder. His rants got longer and it seemed like he might just pass out on stage or storm off at some point.

Apparently, this is not unusual for Mr. Adams. He once received a poor concert review from Chicago music critic Jim Derogatis (Chicago Sun Times) for similar antics (read it here) and rather than simply ignoring it, left an F-Bomb riddled 12 minute message on Jim's voicemail (you should be able to hear the whole thing here, hat tip to Lane for the pointer). It is now the stuff of legend and frequently played on the radio (apparently Ryan also has a longstanding feud with Chicago based darlings Wilco).

It is also worth noting that Adams played only one of his hits (When the Stars Go Blue).

If you ever have the opportunity to see Ryan Adam, you should probably just skip it. It was painful.


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