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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Math and the CTA

A quick update from this post. The CTA was denied extra funding and is now making threats.

You are all smart people. Tell me, what's wrong with this sentence, based on statements made by CTA president Frank Kruesi (reported in the Chicago Tribune):

Kruesi has warned the agency would have no alternative to imposing $55 million in service cuts on Jan. 2 if the state did not amend the funding formula to provide an extra $82.5 million to the CTA in 2005.

I can't comment any further because
my brain just tried to jump out the back of my skull, and now I have a concussion. I think I'll go lie down.


  • In that same vein, my relatives tell me that Erie County (home of Buffalo, New York) is threatening to close all the libraries and sell all the books if they don't get a sales tax increase.

    By Blogger Dr. Tufte, at 5:35 PM  

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