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Friday, November 05, 2004

NFL: Quick Version

I've been buried at work today so this will be lamentably short, which is actually sort of fitting as the Packers have a bye this week, which is nice because Brett's hand was starting to look like Dave Grohl's hand in the "Everlong" video. Which is actually pretty cool.

Next week on Monday Night Football the Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys. I know that the question on everyone's mind is:

If TO scores a touchdown, will his celebration (on national television, mind you)include chasing Keyshawn Johnson with a ruler? Would this not be the greatest touchdown celebration ever? Would it not be worth a fifteen yard penalty? Maybe even a one game suspension? Would Andy Reid even get mad?

I think that this has to happen, for the good of the sport, and because rarely do opportunities like this present themselves. This is a link to TO's website. You can leave him comments or send e-mail. Let him know how you feel.

Maybe it was a typo, (and Simmons hasn't posted his picks yet and I can't check lines because of the firewall) but when I picked up the paper this morning, the Dolphins were favored by 3 over the Cardinals. The Dolphins! Favored! Ka-ching!

The Eagles will beat the Steelers, just trust me on this. The Patriots were all banged up and due for a letdown. This will be a rude awakening.

Finally, the Paul Bunyan Game (Wisconsin v. Minnesota) is this weekend. I don't know what to think of Minnesota after their terrible loss to Indiana. It seems like they just tanked after their narrow loss to Michigan, but sometimes teams like this can be dangerous. This one is in Camp Randall though, so I fully expect the Badgers to reclaim the Axe, and keep the pressure on college's other undefeated squads (and Cal).

And just to get excited, let's watch the really stupid cartoon one more time!



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