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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Quick Football Notes

1. First of all, if you are in a fantasy football league, don't forget that there are Thursday games this week. Many a contending team has been done in by overlooking Thanksgiving.

2. Second, the following Packer/Badger RBs were injured this weekend:

Anthony Davis
Matt Bernstein
Ahman Green
Walt "The Wizard" Williams
Najeh Davenport
Nick Luchey

(Note: My deadly fantasy football team is only responsible for Green and Davenport).

Notice the Packers, who still managed to win, lost twice as many backs as the Badgers.

3. Detroit is really really sad except for Eddie Drummond.

4. Mark Campbell and Nick Goings combined to score six touchdowns on Sunday.

5. Josh McCown may not be a great QB, or even a good QB, but we know that Shaun King is a terrible QB, and he proved it with his four turnovers (3 picks, one fumble lost, four fumbles total) on Sunday. If McCown starts and just plays conservatively (the "Dilfer" strategy) this is probably a close game and the Cardinals' season is not flushed down the toilet. I mean, it was only the Panthers.

6. AJ Feeley's interception at the end of the game while in field goal range was Rubleyesque, and inexcusable.

7. After making 27 consecutive field goals, Phil Dawson missed two on Sunday.

Blogging will probably be light for the rest of the week (although I write a few post tomorrow) as I have to get in a lot of work before the long weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a nice holiday and enjoy all of the games.


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