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Monday, November 22, 2004

Richard Roeper sheds some light on the TO/Sheridan spot.

From today's Chicago Sun-Times:

With all that has been written and spoken about that extremely silly "Desperate Groupie" controversy, I don't think a single reporter, commentator or talk show host picked up on the fact that the Nicollette Sheridan-Terrell Owens sketch was obviously an homage to the immortal, powerhouse film "Raw Nerve," a 1999 classic starring Zach "Gremlins" Galligan and Mario Van Peebles as New York cops caught up in a world of sex, murder and mob intrigue. Sheridan has an explicit nude scene with Van Peebles, and the cameras do NOT cut away from her naked backside (not to mention her naked frontside and her naked side-side), and that sound you just heard was 15,000 guys clicking over to Amazon to see if "Raw Nerve" is available on DVD.

He also has a take on the Artest fiasco, in case you haven't heard enough about it yet.


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