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Monday, November 29, 2004

Sign of the Apocalypse: Wisconsin Edition

No, it has nothing to do with our stupid looking quarter. (Corn?! Why corn? When I think of Iowa or Nebraska I think about corn. When I think of Wisconsin, I think of Beer, cheese (dairy), sausage, the Packers, and cranberries (nations leading producer), not disembodied cow heads and corn.)

Did you know that former Wisconsin quarterbacks Jim Sorgi and Brooks Bollinger made appearances in actual National Football League games in the same weekend? I'm sure that those of you who followed their respective careers at the University of Wisconsin are already seeking shelter. Smart move.

In other bad quarterback news, Shaun King guided the Cardinals to their second straight loss. Kyle Boller almost cracked the century mark in yards passing (if only he hadn't thrown that interception). Last and debatably least, the Bears signed Jeff George.

Tonight the Packers play the Rams. The Rams are always tough to figure because they have talent, but they're stupid. They have the tools to win, but the tools are in the possession of a monkey so there is no telling what he will do with them. Because of this fact, I have no idea how this game will go, but we have a little saying here at the EC:

When in doubt, bet against Mike Martz.

It has served us well in the past and I see no reason to change our philosophy tonight.
This is also Brett Favre's 200th straight game. I won't say anything more, as I'm sure Madden will mention it a few thousand times this evening. While Brett is healthy as usual, they have no healthy RBs. Ahman Green is still banged up (questionable at the moment) and it looks like Najeh "Duce" Davenport will get the start.

While you're waiting for John and Al to start talking about Brett Favre, why not read this NYT article about "establishing the pass."

Enjoy the game.


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