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Friday, November 12, 2004

Spartans, Vikings, battle small furry animals, blue-collar workers.

I’m worried. Worried I tell you! Usually I can find some way to convince myself that both the Packers and Badgers are doomed. This strategy has been working quite well, as every time I put a positive spin on a team, or daft a FF player, they lose or get hurt (sorry Mr. Pennington). Unfortunately, things look good this week.

If you could pick a player to take off of the Vikings squad to make them vulnerable, it would obviously be Moss. Their offense has sputtered without him (28 points against the Colts is sputtering, trust me). The Vikings could resort to running the ball –returning is Onterrio Smith who finally made it back from the Waffle House, so to speak, and Mewelde Moore is healthy too. And Michael Bennett. And Moe Williams.

But, the Pack hasn’t been nearly as susceptible to the run since fat guy Grady Jackson recovered from his injury. The game is at Lambeau (for what it’s worth) so it looks like a pretty good situation. So I’m worried sick about them.

In other news, if you didn’t think that Mike Maartz was an idiot before, check out this personnel move that all Packer fans can appreciate. Sure Antuan got cut from possibly the worst team in football, but I’m sure he’ll help out the Rams. Nice job Mike.

The Badgers also look good provided these two guys don’t blow up our front seven. Michigan State has looked good at times his year – when Drew Stanton was healthy at QB. This week he’s out and inept senior Damon Dowdell gets the start. All road games are tough, but Michigan State has had problems stopping the run on defense, and moving the ball on offense. So I‘m worried sick about them.

By the way, the Badgers co-BCS-screwed brethren, the Auburn Tigers, play against #8 Georgia in a truly tough game. If they win, (especially if they win convincingly) they should jump Oklahoma, who plays the lame Nebraska. USC likewise plays the lame Arizona, who the Badgers narrowly defeated earlier this year in a monsoon.

Speaking of Arizona, keep riding the Arizona bandwagon (in the NFL). The Cards are 2 point dogs to a Giants team that lost their two defensive ends last week. The Giant offensive line also returned to form, as the Bears sacked Kurt Warner at least 84 times. The Cards are up and coming, the Giants are down and going. Ka-ching.

Also, the Eagles are favored by 6.5 against the Cowboys. They will rebound in a big way and possibly kill Vinny.

And I should throw in my college upset of the week just so my Michigan friends can read it - Northwestern will beat Michigan. Mark it down.

Finally, if anyone happens to be in Chicago for the Badger Game, I will be watching it here. Feel free to join me. Free brats, burgers, cheese curd platters, hot dogs, and $8 pitchers of Wisconsin beers. Life is good.

And just in case I’ve jinxed the Badgers and Packers, I know how to undue it: One more time!



  • No way. Wolverines maul wildcats. Spartans trap badgers. Michigan - Wisconsin in the Rosebowl. You heard it here second.

    By Blogger Jason, at 2:50 PM  

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