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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Censorship and the Free-Market Pt. I

I find it humorous that those who place “values” as a priority on their political agenda (whatever that means) are often the same ones who purport the infallibility of the free market and smaller government (at the very least they are usually on the same side of the aisle). Folks I’m here to tell you, ya can’t have it both ways. If you are pro-market/anti big-government then you can’t be pro-regulation, which is what any “values” person wants. You want an abortion? Well you can’t: regulation. You want to open a strip club in a suburb? Sorry, regulation. You want to show some titties on TV? Well put some pasties on ‘em girl because we’ve got regulations on that. If people didn’t want a strip club in their town, then they won’t go, and Steve’s Serpentine Skin Sanctuary will go belly-up. If people didn’t want to see half-naked women on television, then they wouldn’t watch the shows and Baywatch would be canceled due to lack of plot. If people didn’t want abortions, then you’d have to go a ridiculously expensive specialist because the majority of doctors wouldn’t be trained for the procedure due to lack of interest. Even more laughable is fact that these regulations aren’t intended to help any person or industry (like say a steel tariff), but to hinder them! On the flip-side (and almost as annoying) are those on the left that bemoan corporations and their exploitative practices while simultaneously wearing a pair of Nikes. You don’t like Exxon/Mobil? Then start riding your bike you trust-fund hippie!

An a related note: This EC contributor was published in the Minnesota Daily discussing the value of faith in regards to governance here, near the bottom.


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