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Monday, December 20, 2004

Grabbing the Bull by the...

I went to the Packer game yesterday. It was cold and they lost and, although I had a good time anyway, I don't want to talk about the game. However, I did have one of the strangest conversations of my life on the drive up. I went to the game with my friend Ben. Ben is a fellow 2L at UW. He's from Waupun Wisconsin which is located in just about the middle of the state which also means it's located in just about the middle of nowhere. It has a population of about 10,000 and its claim to fame is that there are a bunch of prisons there. Ben doesn't come off as small-town (except for the fact that he has a bunch of animal heads on his wall) and has some fun at the expense of Waupun. Ben's roommate is a med student named Dusty who has been going to school with Ben since kindergarten. Anyway, this is how our strange conversation went as we drove through Waupun on the way to Green Bay:

Ben, pointing to a building we were passing: There's Dusty's dad's business.
Me: What do they make?
Ben: Bull sperm.
Me: .....What?
Ben: They make bull sperm. Well, the bulls they own make bull sperm and they sell it to dairy farmers.
Me: hahahahahhahahahha
Ben: In order to produce milk, cows have to be pregnant and the genetic quality of the bull is really important. It's a big business. They just bought a bull for like $10 million.
Me: hahahahahahahahahah So, how do they get the bull to, ya know?
Ben: I'm not really sure, I think they have a machine that looks like the back of a cow or something.
Me: hahahahahahahahahah
Ben: hahahahahahahahahaha


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