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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Mandatory Television

As Sarah Lyall writes in the New York Times:

Each time, Mr. Oldham writes back to declare that he has no TV. But in its most recent notice, the agency told him that he should be prepared to prove it to the enforcement division, whose officers planned to drop by for a little television-hunting expedition at his house.

While not commenting on Mr. Oldham's case, Chris Reed, a spokesman for the agency, called TV Licensing, outlined its general policy. "We wish we could believe everyone who tells us they have no TV," he said. "But unfortunately, last year just under half the people who claimed not to have one were found to be using one, and therefore needed a license, when we checked the premises."

No I did not make this up, and yes, it really is in the NYT. Read the whole thing. (Use Bugmenot if necessary.)

(Hat tip, Megan McArdle)


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