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Monday, December 20, 2004

The NFC Sucks, and other obvious observations.

First of all, Robert "Turd" Ferguson will simply be "Robert Ferguson" for a week or two, out of respect, and because he got the turd knocked out of him by Donovin Darius and still held onto the ball, which puts him squarely above Antonio Chatman and especially Donald Driver for the game.

Robert Ferguson

Driver let what would have been a touchdown pass get taken away for an interception. There is not much to say about this game. It was one of those sloppy games that the Packers occasionally have under Mike Sherman. Turnovers galore, Ahman fumbling, Favre throwing interceptions that can only be described as "baffling," and about 300 pass interference/holding/illegal contact penalties on Harris, Carroll, and company. In fact Ed "Hercules" Hochuli is still out there somewhere marking off Al Harris's last grab of Jimmy Smith. No one knows where he is, he just kept going.

That's enough of that. It all comes down to the Packers and Vikings on Friday. Win and you take the North, ensuring a playoff home game. And even though the Pack lost, they still backed into a playoff 8-6. With two weeks left. Wow.

The NFC is a sad, sad thing. Just look at it. If we eliminate the statistical outliers Atlanta, Philly, and San Fran, the best record in 8-6 (Packers and Vikings) and the worst record is 5-9 (Giants, Cowboys, Redskins, Lions, Bears, Bucs, and Cardinals). Carolina, at 6-8, is still in the driver's seat for a playoff birth, which means that almost every team can still make the playoffs. That being said, let's talk about the Detroit Lions.

I watched the Lions-Vikings game at the Gin Mill (with this guy, who was extremely nice and very knowledgeable, and a Lions fan). The Lions needed a lot of help to attain a favorable playoff scenario, and they got all of it. And even though they let Randy Moss run uncovered up the field on 3rd and 24 (in truly Packeresque fashion), and almost failed to let Moe Williams score when doing so was their only chance of winning, they still heroically drove down the field with no timeouts and under two minutes to play, scoring on a Harrington to Williams pass to pull within one. I can't imagine a worse fate then losing on a missed extra point with under 10 seconds to play, but I imagine it's sort of like winning the lottery only to drop your ticket in a rain gutter just outside the lottery office on your way to claim the prize. Rarely have I seen a tavern grow so despondent so quickly. And the Vikings have new life thanks to their ill-gotten victory. Just an all around terrible turn of events.

But at least we have a meaningful Friday game to look forward to. And at least I traded Packers tickets with my brother, allowing him to sit through the -3 degree day (nice to see you're alive by the way). And at least it wasn't my team losing on a missed PAT.


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