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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Sports Round-Up

Start with Al and Vivek's Scramble for the Ball: A Series of Unfortunate Games.

Don't miss Michael David Smith's Every Free Agent Counts:

Donovan Darius, strong safety, Jacksonville

His hit on Robert Ferguson probably makes it impossible, but I actually think Green Bay would be a good fit for Darius. He’s one of the best run-stopping strong safeties in the league, and the Packers could really use that. I’ve said before and I’ll say again that Marcus Stroud and John Henderson get too much credit for the Jags’ success stopping the run, and Darius doesn’t get enough.

Clinton Portis is about to get a lesson in breach of contract.

Bill Simmons has a new Mail Bag:

Q: You mentioned that they could have done a blood test on "My Two Dads" to see who the real father was.�This was addressed in the show, but she didn't want to go through with it because she loved them both equally, much like her mother, and would have hurt the one who wasn't the real father.�They should have ended this show with them going on "Murray" and finding out that neither of them was the father.

-- Greg, Huntingtown, MD

Maury Povich

SG: I just like how he referred to Maury Povich as "Murray." By the way, the number of readers who e-mailed about the blood test in "My Two Dads" was simply startling. And I thought I needed a life.

And finally, Todd Pinkston explained!



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