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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Why was Althouse nominated for Best Conservative Blog?

Professor Althouse was nominated for the "Best Conservative Blog" for the 2004 Weblog awards and it seems that being labeled a "conservative blog" has her a bit puzzled. She even set up a poll to ask readers why the Weblog Awards would label her as conservative with choices ranging from "Because you really are a big right-winger, so why don't you just admit it?" to "Because the vast right-wing conspiracy has a plot to win you over through positive reinforcement." My hunch is that the reason Althouse was nominated in the "conservative blog" category is not nearly so complicated. I would bet that she was labeled for one reason and one reason only and that is that she voted for George Bush. I don't think her reasons for supporting the president, which few people that actually read her blog would label as entirely conservative, matter to the Weblog Awards as much as the final vote. That's just my hunch. Either way, go vote for her. She does have the best blog in the category, conservative or not.


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