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Sunday, January 23, 2005

About those predicitions:

The Eagles/Falcons game just ended, Let's take a look at my predictions from this post.

Prediction: Vick will be sacked at least 5 times.
Reality: Vick was sacked 4 times. Not bad.

Prediction: Vick will have under 50 yards rushing and under 125 yards passing.
Reality: 26 yards rushing, 136 yards passing. Not too shabby.

Prediction: Vick will throw at least 1 interception (to Dawkins) and fumble at least once.
Reality: Vick threw 1 interception to Dawkins, and fumbled once. Wow.

Prediction: Final score, 28-10.
Reality: Final score, 27-10. Thank you, thank you very much.


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