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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bizarre Bathroom Behavior

I just walked into the bathroom here at work, and the guy using the urinal had his right arm extended above his head with his hand on the wall, like he was bracing himself for an attack from behind.

What is wrong with people? This is not unusual at work. Once in a while I'll walk into a stall and the seat will be up, which is fine in the guy's bathroom, but the rim will be covered with toilet paper. Why is the rim covered with toilet paper? I can only assume that someone wanted to sit down on it, but I can't imagine why this would be. The phenomenon is not unique to my workplace either, as I have reports from one anonymous friend of foreign employees not understanding the American bathroom system, and another who refers to a certain co-worker as "Captain P" due to his distinct lack of hand washing.

I think that some men just aren't built for public bathrooms. One phenomenon that I frequently mention is the tendency for people to pee into the sink at Lambeau Field, which is strange. What is stranger is that they first plug up the drain with paper towels. Why?!!!!!! (One theory, from another anonymous friend, posits that it is insane to pee in a sink that has not been used for that purpose already, however if it is clear that the sink is a "peeing sink," subsequent urinators will not face the stigma attached to the first piddler. I guess that makes sense in a messed up sort of way.)


Oh well, time for court.

Update: Yes this last post was riddled with typos because I had to run off quickly, and no Dan, I was not in fact drunk. It had to be mentioned, because it is becoming a problem.


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