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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Interesting Reading

Start with the 2005 Index of Economic Freedom.

Then check out the new U.S. Food Policy blog:

In any case, there has already been more than one such study. Economist Diane Gibson published an interesting article about the positive association between food stamp participation and risk of obesity a couple years ago. It seems to be available free online from the Journal of Nutrition(but please let me know if the link fails to work). Overall, the association between food stamps and obesity has been found in diverse data sources. The question is why? This is a question I will follow as this weblog develops.

(Hat tip, Marginal Revolution)

Be glad you're watching the NFL playoffs this weekend, and not a giant game of tug-of-war.

Government officials tried desperately to carry out the book's tenets, twisting Libyan society to fit Colonel Qaddafi's utopian, quasi-socialist vision. For years, team sports were banned in favor of "mass games," like communal tugs of war, because of the book's declaration that "sport is a public activity that must be practiced rather than watched."

Finally, check out this list (abridged here, full list here) of what smart people believe, even though they can't prove it. (Hat tip, ALD)

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Isaac Newton.


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