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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Snow Storm

Does the snow have you down? It has been snowing in Chicago for about 36 hours now, and even though it screws up my commute a bit, I actually kind of like it. (At least until it starts to turn grey. The worst color in the world may be "2 day old city snow.") It didn't feel like winter before today as it has been either unseasonably warm or bitterly cold. It looks like most of the Midwest has been blanketed. Just look at Ann Althouse's VW.

While you're snowed in somewhere, I recommend listening to the Valley Winter Song by Fountains of Wayne (from the album, Welcome Interstate Managers). Here are the lyrics:

Hey Sweet Annie
Don't take it so bad
You know the summer's coming soon
Though the interstate is choking under salt and dirty sand
And it seems the sun is hiding from the moon

Your daddy told you
When you were a girl
The kind of things that come to those who wait
So give it a rest girl
Take a deep breath girl
And meet me at the Bay State tonight

And the snow is coming down
On our New England town
And it's been falling all day long
What else is new
What could I do
I wrote a valley winter song
To play for you

And late December
Can drag a man down
You feel it deep in your gut
Short days and afternoons spent puttering around
In a dark house with the windows painted shut

Remember New York
Staring outside
As reckless winter made its way
From Staten Island to the Upper West Side
Whiting out our streets along the way

And the snow is coming down
On our New England town
And it's been falling all day long
What else is new
What can I do
But sing this valley winter song
I wrote for you

You can listen to a snippet on Amazon.

I've had this album for a while now and I still listen to it regularly which is a rarity for me. It does contain their MTV hit "Stacy's Mom" which must have been written specifically to get on MTV, but the rest of the album is filled with smart, catchy, pop-rock tunes that don't seem to wear out. The NFL recently started using "All Kinds of Time" in one of their ads, which is definitely the best song ever written from the perspective of a quarterback.

Throw in two tunes about the depressing nature of corporate culture that are, for some reason, incredibly upbeat (Bright Future in Sales, and Hey Julie), two lamentations on people leaving town (Hackensack and No Better Place, with the former flowing nicely into the angrier latter), and Halley's Waitress, a metaphor for the waitress that only comes around every 76 years or so, and you have a solid album, front to back.

In fact, I think I'll put it on right now...


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