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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Some people need to stop watching cartoons

Professor Hurt comments on the recent "controversy" regarding Postcards from Buster, a children's show featuring the best friend of Arthur:

Obviously, federal funds come with strings in various settings, but I would hope that Spellings would reconsider this kind of content restriction. I can see where someone might get up in arms and believe that the makers of the show have personal political agendas and wanted to sneak in their own subliminal message. However, Postcards from Buster has portrayed an impressive diversity of families in its first year: racial diversity, religious diversity, including Muslims, Mormans, and Evangelical Christians, and geographic and socioeconomic diversity. So I can see how this episode fit into a pattern of wanting to show the realities of families in America.

My daughter goes to school with a boy who has "two moms." This is reality.


Andrew Sullivan has more:

This strikes me as pretty diverse - and certainly exposes kids to situations that are not the nuclear family. So why is it okay to present a single parent or no parents but not two gay parents? If Mormons are portrayed, why not gays? Why should young children be exposed to the tenets of Christian fundamentalism but not even learn a simple fact about life in Vermont? The lesbian couple are not front and center in the piece; they are background. They are Americans. And, according to the Bush administration, they must be airbrushed out of the country. Not a good sign.


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