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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Why I Am a Liberal

I’ve experienced first hand the good that can come from the power of the state. After running a business for over three years, I was dead broke, in debt, and without any formal education or vocational training at the age of 23. I wanted to become a productive member of the middle class, perhaps start up another business at some point, but I knew I needed to get myself educated and establish a financial base first.

Enter the state: I initially reenrolled at Minneapolis Community and Technical College (a state school) because their extremely cheap tuition was all I could afford. I received an extremely quality education there by many instructors who although qualified to teach at any prestigious institution, chose to teach to underprivileged city kids who needed it.

Once I was 24, I transferred to the University of Minnesota. Because of my age, I was considered an independent, and was eligible for Pell and Minnesota State grants. The state’s assistance has provided me with a world-class education at a university considered in the top 50 on the planet; without this aid, I would’ve never been able to pay for such high quality teaching. Besides the amazing school system, the city’s state subsidized transit system allowed me to lead a quality life for 5 years without owning a car; I still use it to this day to avoid parking and traffic concerns. I am now on track to lead a productive life, start a career, and contribute to the system that brought me up.


  • Fine points all. I'm an especially big supporter of Pell Grants, as I think they genuinely help people, they are often cheaper and more useful alternative to bankruptcy, and they provide a lot of choice (I would note that I support school choice programs and voucher programs for similar reasons).

    By Blogger PaulNoonan, at 9:10 AM  

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