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Monday, February 07, 2005

About Those Super Bowl Predictions

I told you all I'm very good at predicting the winners (especially against the spread) in the last three games of the year. Granted, I was wrong about everything else in the Super Bowl, but I was right when it counted (that's 4 years in a row of correct Super Bowl predictions by the way). I'm shocked that the Eagles were able to keep the game as close as they did given that they lost the turnover battle by 3. I bet that Eagles fans are just going crazy wondering what would have happened if McNabb had thrown one less pick (more detailed analysis to come). Let's check out the results:

Prediction - The Pats will win.
Reality - They did.

Prediction - The Eagles will cover.
Reality - They did

Prediction - The score: 27-21.
Reality - The score: 24-21. Not too shabby. I was only off by a Viniateri field goal.

Now it gets a little rougher.

Prediction - Corey Dillon will crack 125 yards on 27 carries or more.
Reality - Well, the entire Pats team had 27 carries (not counting QB), but Dillon had only 18 carries for a measly 75 yards. Oh well.

Prediction - Greg Lewis will catch at least 2 throws of 25 yards or more.
Reality - He caught one, an important TD. On McNabb's other deep throws he was wildly inaccurate. If he catches 2, the Eagles probably win.

Prediction - Jeff Thomason will catch a touchdown.
Reality - Uhm, no. The other TE, LJ Smith did, but not Jeff.

Prediction - Brian Westbrook will not have more than 75 yards rushing, nor will he have more than 50 yards receiving.
Reality - So close. Only 44 yards on the ground, but 60 big yards through the air, plus a TD. Although he could easily have gotten over 100 if not for a few crucial drops.

Prediction - Mike Vrabel will force a turnover.
Reality - He scored a TD, had 4 tackles, and a sack, but no turnovers. Had I just moved one linebacker over and picked Tedy Bruschi, who should have been the MVP (7 tackles, a sack, and an interception), I would have been fine.

Prediction - There will not be more than 2 turnovers in the game.
Reality - Is five less than 2?

Smart bet MVP - Tom Brady
Money bet MVP - Mike Vrabel, Pats. Greg Lewis, Philly.

Real MVP - Deion Branch (11 catches, 133 yards).

Hey, specifics are tough. Especially if the game gets sloppy, and that was a very sloppy game. But at least I was right about the important stuff.

More analysis to come, and post-season awards on Wednesday or Thursday.


  • Heh, you didn't do all THAT bad! My 24-14 pick was looking really good until that final TD. It was a very sloppy game, and I feel cheated as a football fan for not getting to see the Eagles at least try to win. What an awful anti-climax, like the World Series last year.

    By Blogger Mike, at 10:27 PM  

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