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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Good Things About Jimmy Carter

I'm not a big fan of Jimmy Carter. I think his recent meddling in foreign affairs is self serving and destructive, his energy policy was terrible, his foreign policy was terrible, and there was that whole stagflation thing (although I believe that Carter deserves blame for exacerbating, not causing, that particular problem). Just thinking about it puts me into a state of malaise. But it's important to remember that all presidents have positives and negatives. At the Conglomerate, guest blogger Brett McDonnell points out a few of the positives:

Of course Carter had many problems as president, but any serious conservative should respect several critical accomplishments. First, Carter deregulated the trucking and airline industries. Those were the beginning of the modern deregulation trend, and they remain today perhaps the most clearly successful examples of deregulation in the U.S. Second, Carter appointed Paul Volcker as chair of the Fed. Volcker was the key figure in taming inflation, and hence is due much of the credit for the prosperity of the 80s, once the Volcker-induced recession was over. Not to mention that a serious conservative should respect someone who served in the Navy for many years.

Good points all. President Carter has taken some ribbing today from the right side of the blogosphere as he's had a nuclear sub named after him, and they see this as ironic. (Powerline is way over the top on condemning Jimmy in this post. Although to be fair, Brian Leiter is way over the top in condemning Powerline (and really really over the top in condemning Glenn Reynolds) in this post. Everyone's a fascist. C'mon.) But Carter has contributed a great deal, including military service, and we should take care to remember the whole man.


  • The other good thing that Jimmy Carter did was legalize homebrewing. Other than that I think you've covered everything.

    By Anonymous Rod Reineke, at 3:02 PM  

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