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Thursday, February 24, 2005

The NBA Trade Deadline

A quick recap:

The Bucks moved The Ghost Dog for Calvin Booth and Alan Henderson (for cap reasons). And to the Mavericks, I think I speak for all of Milwaukee when I say, SUCKERS!

The Big Dog was traded for Monster Mash.

Philly managed to acquire that guy from Michigan who can't count. You know, he was outplayed by Eric Montross in college. Oh, and he was paid in college and got Michigan suspended. Man, I love that guy.

The Cav snagged some Welsch guy.


Big day in the NBA.

The Celitcs have Antoine Walker back (sending the glove to basketball hell in the process).

Baron Davis is a Warrior. More to come...

In minor deals, the Bucks also traded Mike James (who I like) for Wisconsin native Reece Gaines.

More minor deals here.


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