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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


This is not good news:

Driver was asked whether he thinks Favre has made up his mind about retirement. “I think so,” Driver said. “I think he was trying to wait until the draft, and I think Coach Sherman wanted to know right before free agency because there are a couple of quarterback free agents that they want to look at if Brett decided not to come back. I think they forced him to make a decision. When you force one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL to make a decision, he’s pretty much going to let you know that he maybe is just hanging ‘em up.”

UPDATE: Although it's possible that Donald doesn't know squat:

A source who spoke to Favre on Tuesday said the quarterback confirmed that he had yet to make a decision about his future.

In an interview later in the day, Driver stood by his comments that he thought Favre would retire, but he said he had no direct knowledge of Favre's intentions and had not spoken to the Packers quarterback since shortly after the season had ended with a 31-17 playoff loss to Minnesota on Jan. 9.

A source close to Driver confirmed that he had not received any recent indication from Favre regarding his future.


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