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Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Word About Toni Kukoc

I recently added the SabrHoops site, 82 Games to the Blogroll Sports Section, and they provided me with a stat that I've been seeking for quite some time. I have long suspected that Toni Kukoc is the most important member of the Milwaukee Bucks. I believe that one of the primary reasons they have struggled this year is due to his decreased playing time. Well, now I have some proof.

Toni's net plus/minus is quite good, but I could have told you that from watching the team play. I don't know why coaches can't see it. He's still an offensive threat, he's not anymore of a defensive liability than any other Buck, and he's by far their best passer. Sure he's old, and slow, and white, but he improves the team when he's on the floor. His passing has increased value now that Damon Jones has moved on and TJ Ford is injured.

Toni got the start in the Bucks last game, contributed 33 minutes, scored 9 points and dealt out 5 assists in a Bucks victory over the Timberwolves. The Bucks have problems hanging with lowly Eastern Conference teams. Beating the T-Wolves (even a struggling T-Wolves team) is a major accomplishment.

People used to refer to Toni Kukoc as the greatest non-US player in the world. He still has a lot to offer, I just hope we get a chance to see it.


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