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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Oscar Responds

Oscar Madison responds to this post, here:

As I argued previously, numerous factors render it difficult to compare player performance across time. I forgot to mention, that any serious baseball fan knows that there are numerous factors that skew player performance records even among contemporaries. A hitter who plays 81 home games in a hitters park, like Houston or Denver for instance, will likely have inflated hitting statistics. Furthermore, we also know that a hitter will compile better numbers and perform better if he bats in a better lineup – a great hitter in a weak lineup can lose lots off his performance stats because opposing teams consistently pitch around him. And speaking of which, Barry Bonds (steroid allegations aside) might well have 100 extra home runs by now had opposing teams refrained from the arguably “unsportsmanlike,” or at least unsporting practice of pitching around him and intentionally walking him to the tune of 150 to 200 walks per season the last few years.

I dropped a response in Oscar's comment section and Tom Bozzo and Oscar have both responded via e-mail and in the comments section here. Check it out. And if you're interested in the steroid controversy make sure to read Oscar's full account here (scroll down about half way, and then keep scrolling).


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