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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Perhaps I can offer some cheese to go with that whine.

I've written about controversial topics hundreds of times before, but never have I been inundated with as many e-mails as I have over this post on Bruce Pearl and Illinois. Some of these e-mails have even been thoughtful, and contained no spelling errors. None have been convincing. (Note: Much of this is due to a comment I dropped at the Illini Wonk blog.)

The one thing that could change my mind is if someone could offer some evidence that Bruce Pearl doctored the tape, as was alleged in almost every e-mail I received. I find this highly implausible (Occam's Razor and all), but I suppose it is not impossible.

Why is it implausible?

1. The Thomas/Illinois scandal was rigorously covered. A doctored tape would have been a huge story.

2. A doctored tape would have undoubtedly destroyed Bruce Pearl's career. And what would he have gained from it, exactly?

3. Do you think that they actually have the technology to doctor a tape in Iowa (Note: Included solely in an attempt to get e-mail bombed by angry Iowans).

4. No one sued Pearl, Iowa, or the NCAA over the tape. A defamation suit against someone with a doctored tape as evidence is as close to a slam dunk as is possible.

5. What was Pearl's motivation for faking a tape? Schools lose recruits all the time, it's not a big deal. For Pearl to do this would have taken some motivation besides simply losing a recruit.

But, if you have evidence (preferably a link) with regard to the alleged doctored tape, drop them in the comment box. I'm open to persuasion, but I doubt that you will find much.


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