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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Back in Action

First of all, thanks to Oscar for the link. And I'm proud to be testing anyone's First Amendment beliefs. Plus Oscar is a Mets fan, and I respect all Mets fans for not taking the easy way out.

I developed a rather awful cold on Saturday afternoon, just in time to make life at opening day in Milwaukee miserable. I still had fun, and it was cool to see Russell Branyan put this theory to the test, with his (allegedly) 463 foot home run off the scoreboard in center field, but baseball just isn't as fun if you keep sneezing in your beer.

To compound this problem, I'm also quite sunburned, and people have been staring at me all day.

On my "day off" yesterday I completed my taxes, looked at a few apartments, and started Steven Levitt's Freakonomics. I'm 104 pages in so far, and it's very interesting. Great info on cheating teachers and sumo wrestlers, poor and rich crack dealers, and the link between abortion and crime. I recommend reading it in tandem with The Tipping Point if you haven't read it already.

Now, off to work.


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