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Friday, May 27, 2005

Fun Friday, Pt. 2

One of the best V-logs out there is Rocketboom. Today, just in time Memorial Day, they feature some British troops in Iraq making the best of it:

Sgt Parr, speaking from Munster, said: "We did the video towards the end of our six-month tour in Iraq.

"It had been a lot of hard work and we just wanted to get a bit of a laugh and lift morale."

He was aware that the MoD computer system had crashed but said: "I didn't get into trouble.

"I was told it had done no harm and that everyone - the lads and everyone else - had loved it."

He said Christie had rung to congratulate him.

Christie told the BBC the video "did turn out fantastically".

"I thought it was fantastic, it's really funny. It's a song that's very uplifting and the lads are out in a dangerous place."

Watch it here.


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