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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Green Fisks Buchanan

over at the soon-to-be VodkaDaddy's place. Some choice moments:

Buchanan: In 1938, Churchill wanted Britain to fight for Czechoslovakia. Chamberlain refused. In 1939, Churchill wanted Britain to fight for Poland. Chamberlain agreed. At the end of the war Churchill wanted and got, Czechoslovakia and Poland were in Stalin's empire. How, then, can men proclaim Churchill "Man of the Century"?

Green: Because, unlike certain columnists, they were willing to stand
up against Fascism?


B: When one considers the losses suffered by Britain and France – hundreds of thousands dead, destitution, bankruptcy, the end of the empires – was World War II worth it, considering that Poland and all the other nations east of the Elbe were lost anyway?

G: I dunno, – let's use Buchanan's Formula For Victory and ask a Briton or a Frenchman. If they answer "Bloody 'ell" or "Oui!" we'll call it a "yes." And if they reply "Ja!" we'll chalk it up as a "no."



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