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Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Quick Note About Star Wars.

By the way, I'll be out of the office tomorrow to attend the Cubs White Sox game, so blogging will be light/nonexistent. It should be a blast.

Anyway, while Chris at L&N liked Star Wars quite a bit, his blogmate Kennelworthy...didn't (Warning! SPOILERS!). To put it lightly. Here are the headings of each paragraph of his list of criticisms:

- The Anakin and Padme dialogue was beyond annoying.
- Horrible Acting.
- Freaking Yoda's speech pattern.
- Whack Lightsaber duels.
- Yoda's weak-ass duel.
- The Jedi that accompany Mace to arrest Sidious/Palpatine go out like complete chumps.
- Padme "secretly" pregnant.
- Wookies.
- The freaking retarded COUGHING robot!!!
- R2D2 at one point says "Uh-Oh."
- Logic gaffes.
- Also, how the hell does Obi Wan go from a thirty-year-old to freakin 68-year-old Alec Guiness...all in only 20-25 years between trilogies?!?!
- Jedi can sense things sometimes...but not when the script calls for them to be ambushed.

I cut some that I thought would reveal too much, and remember, if you click over, there are spoilers, but it's pretty amusing, and worth a read.


  • - The first two points are interconnected. I agree, but don't think that it really matters that much in the grand scheme.
    - Yoda is just going to be Yoda. Does he want Agent Smith to speak like Tony Blair?
    - I thought that Yoda vs. Palpatine was pretty tight.
    - That was Mace's moment to shine, plus he is one of the few Jedi that would actually be able to hang with Palpatine.
    - That shit annoyed me too, I know that the dark side is "clouding everything" but damn.
    - Wookie's are off the chain, fuck him.
    - Maybe he had a virus? It was still lame though.
    - Get off of R2's nuts
    - This is a movie where sound travels in space and people travel at hyperspeed, don't think too hard about it.
    - Did you see Bill Clinton before and after office?
    - Because it's a freaking movie!
    - Didn't bother me.

    By Anonymous Rashid Muhammad, at 9:34 AM  

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