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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This Star Wars may not be so bad.

Chris at the L&N Line has a positive review:

I'll tell you, I imagined a world full of Jedi and Sith having to fight each other, and I would have much preferred to have seen the focus of those first two films directed towards the "religion," the balance of The Force, the mythology of it all. Instead, we got scientific explanations for Jedi with midi-chlorians, and we got Senate debates, and a loss of that classic Star Wars environment--not only through the CGI-ing to death of everything not human, but those nuggets like the cantina, or the underground duel at Jabba the Hutt's place, or the creature in the asteroid. I felt like the backdrop for Anakin's fall was too hum-drum. I understand the political parallels and how that's all well and good, but we weren't clobbered to death by politics in the original series like we have been here. In sum, not enough Jedi action. We had to wait until the end of Episode II to finally see Yoda fight.

Episode III is what you've been waiting for.
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