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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I've read about Wegmans before, and it always sounds fantastic. For the next 3 days 19 hours and 21 minutes I will live in a neighborhood which contains, for all practical purposes, one single solitary communist grocery store (The Hyde Park Co-Op). I like to cook, and having a nice (or even adequate) grocery store sounds almost too good to be true after 2 years in Hyde park. Whenever I read about Wegmans it just blows my mind. I have italicized portions of this description that are particularly appealing:

Start with the assault on the senses that is its "Market Cafe." Open entering, you'll feel a little as if you've stumbled into an open-air European market. Commerce bustles all around you. It has all the fresh goods, delightful smells, and vivacious colors of an ageless community market, but at a variety and depth only modern advances in technology, agriculture, and shipping can provide. The place is a living poem to capitalism.

It's often said that you shouldn't go grocery shopping while hungry. Not a problem, here. Choose from a hot Asian bar, a pizza bar, a buffalo wing bar, a salad bar, and shops with prepared soup, sandwiches, pizza, or an entire meal. Try the fruit bar, the grain bar, or the cappuccino bar. There's a Patisserie (an authentic French pastry shop), a sushi bar, and a bakery. Elaborate deserts beckon, trimmed with riveted curls of shaved chocolate, or dark swirls of reduced fruit toppings. Chefs regularly put on cooking demonstrations. And yes, there are occasionally samples available for tasting.

Move past the hot foods, and find a deli stocked not only with your basic hams, salamis, and turkey breast, but also with the most exotic and obscure French, Italian, and German meats a shopper can conjure. Each store boasts 500 types of cheese. There also 700 varieties of fresh produce, from heirloom tomatoes to truffles that go for hundreds of dollars a pound. The store tries to buy locally, to keep down shipping costs and keep things fresh. There's a mozzarella bar, an olive bar, a pepperbar, and a hummus and Middle Eastern bar. There's a wine section, and a wine-tasting room. The store's prepared foods section is run by a former chef at the Ritz-Carlton. There are rows and rows of fresh meat of all kinds, at all levels of preparation -- every cut, basted in dozens of marinades, stuffed, half-cooked, and fully cooked.

Wegmans is a grocery store, of course. So it stocks all the usual toiletries, packaged foods, spices, kitchenware, and the like we've come to expect from a mega-grocery. But despite its considerable high-end and hard-to-find offerings, Wegmans prices on most day-to-day goods are actually on par with or lower than its competitors.

So when can I get one? Probably never. Unfortunately, my city often enacts regulations like this.


  • Wegmans rules, hands down. Easy access to the Rochester-based grocery chain is one of the best things about life in Upstate NY.

    By Blogger dhodge, at 9:52 AM  

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