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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Worst Interview Question, The Best Answer.

Finally. From Orin Kerr, via Marginal Revolution:

Orin Kerr of The Volokh Conspiracy asks: "A standard question lots of employers use in job interviews asks the candidate, "What is your greatest weakness?""

Best answer from his readers: "Kryptonite."

Self-referential runner-up: "I lie in interviews."


  • I've had success with, "Sometimes I cramp up during the transition from the bike to the run."

    It tells them two things:
    1) I do triathlons. Would you like to hear more about that? Most of my interviewers have ended up asking me about Ironman and triathlon anyway. I think they'd rather talk about that than have their 90th conversation about moot court or law review. Distinguishing yourself is key.
    2) My biggest weakness can be remedied by a banana or a glass of water.

    By Blogger DannyNoonan, at 10:47 AM  

  • I was a communications major, and we had several classes about interviews and what the goals and designs of certain questions are.

    I also managed movie theaters for about 10 years, and have interviewed hundreds of people.

    Here's a list of some of my favorite answers to that very question:

    -"Poor self-analysis skills." (he got hired)

    -"Crack." (he did not get hired)

    -"Saved By The Bell." (hired)

    -"Chocolate." (hired)

    -"Coming up with clever answers to stupid questions." (not hired)

    -"I can't control my temper" (this guy wasn't being funny...that was his honest answer!)

    -"I get all the way to the last level of Mario Brothers, but then I always die." (hired)

    By Blogger Kennelworthy, at 11:19 AM  

  • Your original post as well as Kennelworthy's comment just cracked me up beyond belief. Great stuff.

    I always say something lame like "My biggest weakness is that I'm a perfectionist." I hate that shit. So I'm gonna use the Kryptonite or the Mario Bros. one from now on.

    By Blogger Ace Cowboy, at 12:10 PM  

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