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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

An excellent blog about Milwaukee,

and summer in Milwaukee can be found here.

More from Christine Hurt:

The topic of the web conference was a new blog called Play in the City, authored by Erin Leffelman. The Milwaukee tourism people wanted to harness the power of blogs, which the PR guy called "consumer-generated journalism," to communicate someone's personal experiences with Milwaukee's outdoor recreation amenities. (Did you know that Milwaukee is rated #1 in the country by Rand McNally in terms of green space? Did you know that Milwaukee has 15,000 acres of recreational space?) The overarching goal is to achieve a huge perception change in how non-Wisconsonians view Milwaukee.

I think the blog is great, and I wish that it had existed two years ago, when I thought we were moving to Laverne & Shirley-land. I never would have guessed that Milwaukee was such a gorgeous place to live, with many more recreational opportunities than the Western frontier in which I lived.


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