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Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter Musings

Yes, I bought the book this weekend, and I would be finished had a I not suffered an enormous computer disaster yesterday. As it is I have 150 pages left, which is good, because it ensures that I won't give anything away. I'll have a full "50 Book Challenge" review later.

1. This book is much better than the last one. Whiny Harry is no more.

2. Either this book includes topical allegory to the war in Iraq, or I have just been trained to read everything as an allegory to the war in Iraq.

3. This book is very fast paced. You will fly through it. It seems to consist mainly of exposition setting up the seventh and final book. So far it has been all set up with little payoff. Everything is still a mystery.

4. Ron and Hermione have replaced whiny Harry. There is too much "Moonlighting" crap going on here.

5. This book is largely a history lesson on Voldemort.

6. The overarching lesson of the last book was that the government can and will abuse it's power with almost any justification. This book continues this theme with the new Minister of Magic. It also deals with the perils of becoming obsessed with a single solitary issue at the expense of other important goings on.

7. I don't know who dies yet, so I can't give it away, but I'm pretty sure I know who will die.

8. This book is also better than the last two because it is more concise. Rowling doesn't hang on every detail. She moves from important point (or red herring) to important point.

9. I received a "Harry Potter Band" (like the Lance Band, but green) with my purchase. They were, lamentably, out of Harry Potter glasses which were distributed to the kids at the midnight release party. Can we end the band thing now? I know that many of them are for a good cause, but it's getting a little out of hand. The Cubs even have one.

10. On the train today about half of the riders had the book.


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