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Friday, July 01, 2005

More Kelo Fallout

Radley Balko keeps updating his list of post-Kelo takings. For example, check out his story from Lodi, NJ:

Lodi, N.J. -- Save Our Homes, a coalition of 200 residents in a Lodi trailer park targeted by the City for private retail development and a senior-living community, goes to court on July 18 to try to prevent a private developer from taking their homes. Lodi Mayor Gary Paparozzi called the Kelo ruling a "shot in the arm" for the town. He told the Bergen County Record, "The trailer park is like a poster child for redevelopment. That's the best-case scenario for using eminent domain." (Emphasis added.)

Nice. Read the whole thing, as the list is getting fairly long.


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