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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Steroids aren't the only way to cheat at sports

World-record holding water skiier Jim Michaels admitted today that he cheated to give himself a competitive advantage at the 2005 Malibu Open Waterski Championships and Wakeboard Exhibitions held in Waukesha County in June. I know what you're thinking: how do you cheat at waterskiing?

World-record-holder Jim Michaels - whose private lake near Dousman was the site of the event - admitted Monday that he set up an underwater mechanical system to manipulate the course and give himself a competitive advantage. Michaels, through a public relations specialist, acknowledged that he had cheated other times in the past in setting national records in slalom events at his lake. The American Water Skiing Association's chief officials and dozens of pro skiers at the event noticed the distance between the buoys mysteriously grow about 2 feet minutes after Michaels finished his run. A lesser distance allowed Michaels to ski around more buoys with a shorter rope - criteria for winning the competition.

Michaels claims that his competitive zeal got the better of him and clouded his judgment. He had clouded judgment so he built his own lake, and installed some sort of underwater machinery just so he could cheat at waterskiing. Who were the contractors involved? Did he just explain that he wanted them to build a system of gears and cables that would allow him to cheat at waterskiing?


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