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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

We must put a stop to this milk abuse!

From the Ace Cowboy (Go read the whole thing.):

A batboy who accepted a dare Sunday by trying to drink a gallon of milk without
throwing up has been suspended by the Marlins for his actions.

The unidentified batboy will not be allowed to work the upcoming, six-game homestand at Dolphins Stadium against the Cardinals and Mets from Aug. 29 through Sept. 4. The Marlins refused to comment on the suspension.

But Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny, who offered $500 to the batboy if he could drink a gallon of milk in less than an hour before Sunday's game, was angry about the decision.

''It's kind of ridiculous that you get a 10-game suspension for steroids and a six-game suspension for milk,'' Penny said.

What? What did he do?

Quick! Confiscate all the saltines from MLB dugouts!


  • Hilarious that you linked to my Saltine page... I was JUST about to post a blog entry about the Milk scandal!

    By Anonymous Mike D., at 11:37 AM  

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