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Monday, August 08, 2005

Wikipedia and The God Who Wasn't There

The God who Wasn't There is a documentary by former fundamentalist Brian Flemming that apparently attempts to debunk the myth that Jesus Christ was a real person. It sounds intriguing to me but I haven't seen it yet. I've been reading Mr. Flemming's blog recently (via tRA) and found this bit pretty interesting:

The God Who Wasn't There has survived the attempt to delete it from Wikipedia.
Thanks to all who contributed, and to the Wikipedia editors, who were virtually unanimous in repelling one misguided user's attempt to kill the entry.

Someone attempted to have Wikipedia's entry about the film deleted because he disagreed with the content of the movie, not the accuracy of the Wikipedia entry. Very Hitlerian. It's really interesting to see how Wikipedia works. It's also very refreshing to see a film maker that cares more about his work and his message than making a dime. In fact, The God Who Wasn't There DVD includes theatrical screening rights, so that anyone who buys it can hold a screening, including a screening for paid admission.

You can buy the DVD here.


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