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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blogger Pledge Drive

Today has been declared a blogger pledge drive by Glenn Reynolds, in an effort to help out victims of Katrina.

And I think that in disastrous situations you're almost always better off giving to the Red Cross. They make the most of their donations, and they have the infrastructure to handle big disasters.

Red Cross's site is having a traffic slowdown right now, and if you can't get there, the Salvation Army is also a good option. They have a consistently excellent rate of getting your donations into the hands of those who need them (something like 98 or 99 cents per dollar).

Here is FEMA's list of charities.

And here is Glenn's ever expanding list.

But that's just my recommendation. There are hundreds of charities out there (most of which you can find here), and anything you give will help out.


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