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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Monday Night MVP: Kevin Mathis

I've seen Vicky play enough to know that he can be neutralized by a fast middle linebacker(Brian Urlacher is particularly skilled in Vick containment). Once the fairly useless Kevin Mathis engaged Eagle middle LB Jeremiah Trotter in single combat before the game, getting both players ejected, stopping Vick on the ground became an impossible task for the Eagles.

I would love to know who started that fight, but either way, for getting the Eagles most important defensive player out of the game, Kevin Mathis, you are our Monday Night MVP.


  • It looked to me like DeAngelo Hall threw a punch in there, too. I think the officials just decided to eject one guy from each team. If Hall had been ejected as well I think Owens would have had a monster game.

    Madden made a point last night similar to the one you made yesterday: If it's a close call between incomplete pass and fumble, the officials rule fumble because they know replay can correct them. When replay was first introduced the NFL explicitly said it wouldn't affect the way the officials called the game on the field, but the presence of it has obviously made officials err on the side of making a ruling that can be overturned.

    By Blogger MDS, at 10:05 AM  

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