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Friday, October 21, 2005

Ahren on Carlos Lee

He's glad to that the crew picked up the option on Carlos, even though he thinks they overpaid:

why then, do i think it's a good move? there are 3 major reasons, and 1 minor one. the first big reason is that the brewers probably are not going to seriously contend next year, but a known quality bat like lee's could fetch them some good, young pitching talent at mid-season. the second reason is that the brewers MIGHT contend next year. it's unlikely, but they could conceiveably win 90 games and be in actual contention (as opposed to the make-believe contention that the papers tried to foist upon us this year). in that case, lee's 5 wins could make all the difference if the brewers somehow managed to land a playoff spot, and if not, just being in serious contention would be such a boon to ticket sales and the franchise in general, that even when lee is let go at the end of the year, it will have been a wise investment. the third reason is that it demonstrates a bit of good faith to the fans and hopefully will go some length toward convincing current season-ticket holders to re-up. in general, the brewers have established a pattern under doug melvin of either ponying up and retaining their talent (sheets, jenkins) or trading it for value (sexson). this is an encouraging trend, and something wholly unfamiliar to brewer fans.

It is an excellent post on the Brewers.


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