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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chad Johnson, Talking Smack.

From Ace:

Then he added this gem, a little bit of taunting: "There are two things for brother Harris this week," said Johnson. "The bad thing is he has to cover me. The good is he can save 15 percent by switching his insurance to Geico."

This game could get ugly. Somebody send me some Pepto.


  • Well if you're full of yourself you might as well be funny.

    If you prefer unintentional humor Johnson also said this.
    "I want everyone to pay attention to the battle this week, which will probably be one of the best. Like Ali and Frazier. They did fight, right?"

    I wonder what he'd call it if Ahmad Carroll or Joey Thomas winds up on him.

    By Anonymous Scott, at 4:08 PM  

  • Is there any video of him making the "Geico" comment?

    By Blogger dats007, at 11:43 AM  

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