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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sports Notes

There ain't no such thing as a free kick. Well...actually there is.

The Titans attempted a free kick this past weekend. I love the free kick rule because it's terribly useful and little known. Basically, after a fair catch is called for that team is entitled to a "free kick." That is the receiving team may attempt a kickoff style field goal attempt (either with a holder, or as a drop kick) from the spot of the catch, for three pints. It is uncontested, as the formation is that of a kickoff, not a true field goal. The kicker may take a large run up to the ball, which may have resulted in Titan kicker Rob Bironas missing the kick.

While this rule hasn't been used in some time, it is potentially valuable at the end of games (or halves, as it was in this case). If someone chooses to punt out of their own end as time expires and the fair catch is made, the kick can take place even if there is no time on the clock. The reason for this is that the free kick is considered an extension of the previous play. This all goes back to Rugby, from which football is derived, and the practice of "marking" the ball. Similar to a fair catch, a player calling for a mark can immediately take a free kick in rugby. This rule has survived into modern football. And missed free kicks can also be returned, as was the case in Bironas's kick.

I've seen ignorance of this rule cost a team the game at least 3 times in the last ten years, but perhaps Jeff Fisher, always on top of his game, will bring it back to prominence.

I hurt myself today...

The following players were hurt this weekend, and will probably miss significant time, if not the entire year:

Najeh Davenport. Deuce McAllister. Corey Dillon. Julius and Thomas Jones. Sam Rayburn. L.J. Smith. Jonathan Tait. Michael Clayton. Ed Hartwell. Chris Cash. Roy Williams. Ben Roethlisberger.

Rough week.

Quick Hitters.

The NFC North has yet to win a road game.

Jeff Triplette was an embarrassment on MNF. He was nitpicky, as usual (he loves to be the star), and he probably cost the Chargers the game by ignoring a glaringly obvious facemaking penalty on the final play of the game. Had it been called the Chargers would have had one more play in Kaeding's field goal range.

The Colts' defense is overrated. They've played wretched offenses. November 7th they play the Pats. Take the over in that game.

The Packers, last place in the worst division in football, have scored 53 more points than anyone else in the division. Of course, they've played an extra game, and one of those was against the Saints. Only the Bears and Packers have scored more points than they have given up.

Both the first place Patriots, and first place Lions have given up more points than they have scored.

The Badgers have a bad defense. Take the over.

Michigan State has a great offense. Take the over. Unfortunately, never the twain shall meet.

McCarver is terrible. Buck was terrible. The whole SNF crew is horrible. Marv Albert's brother is horrible. Who's not? Boomer Esiason, who did MNF on the radio:

The refs missed a heck of a game tonight.


  • Triplette did suck. Also I thought the hit that hurt Big Ben had been outlawed, but I don't really know the rule.

    By Anonymous Scott H, at 11:58 PM  

  • I'd watch a lot more baseball if NBC still had it. It's not just that Costas is better than Buck, it's that Costas always seems to bring out the best in his color commentator. It's like Costas weaves this perfect narrative thread about everything that has happened in the game, and the commentator can't help but make insightful statements to go along with it. I'll watch Costas doing anything, but it's bad for him and bad for baseball that he's affiliated with NBC and HBO instead of Fox and/or ESPN.

    By Blogger MDS, at 10:20 AM  

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