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Friday, November 04, 2005

Fun Friday, Part 2

Whether you're a troubled Christian youth in need of guidance or a cynical 20-something looking for a laugh, Brio is most definitely for you. From their fashion advice:

Say your friend Brad is standing before your youth group because your youth pastor asked him to read a passage from the Bible. Brad pauses as he's reading to make eye contact with the group, just as his speech teacher taught him to do.

The moment Brad looks up, he sees a girl wearing a tight T-shirt. Immediately, Brad'’s mind is distracted from the Lord and the Bible - two things he'’s truly interested in.

Brad'’s able to keep going. He doesn'’t let on that he'’s no longer concentrating on the words coming from his mouth. But in fact, for the rest of the evening, Brad feels uncomfortable around the girl he spotted, struggling between sinful thoughts and wanting to treat her as a sister in Christ.

All because of a T-shirt? you might think. Yes -— all because of a tight T-shirt that showed too much of a girl's body.

To their explanations of homosexuality:

You may think you have a crush on another female, when in reality you simply admire her and her feminine qualities.

Brio provided hours of unintentionally hilarious, and sometimes horrifying, fun. Especially the advice columnist.

Hat tip to Phoebe Maltz and Matthew Yglesias.


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